About Us

Verificer is an emerging technology solution provider specialized in blockchain system design, development and implementation.

Our services include:
  • Consultancy
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Tokenomics

With blockchain technology, our products and solutions provide those elements of Authenticity, Traceability, and Immutability where applicable and required, specifically in the financial sector and areas requiring provenance or tracking.

We serve clients from the corporate world, government bodies and agencies, and also academic entities.

Our Solutions

Our Advantage


Co -founders from different expertise together form a strong execution team, from legal to technology to sales & marketing to operation are covered.


Verificer has Agile Advisory as legal partner who can help in advising and filing with the Securities Commission, preventing us from illegal fundraising. Also, Moden KOL as the marketing partner who can help us in marketing and advertising.


The founder has a strong IT background and close relationship with Alibaba Cloud, and owns patented unique blockchain technology which is specifically designed for a securities financing model that is capable of fast deployment and cost saving from expensive hardware.

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